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Greenland Perspective

A collaboration between the University of Copenhagen and  Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland. Polar DTU and AAU Arctic are strategic partners.

Greenland Perspective is an multi-disciplinary, multi-national research initiative, which works on the basis of a set of precepts aimed at the activation of research projects into  society. Greenland Perspective works according to three precepts, which projects, to the greatest extent possible, should live up to: 

  • UNIQUE RESOURCES: Based on a number of academic viewpoints, the research project should help identify Greenland’s special characteristics and explore how these special human, natural or societal characteristics can support harmonious development in Greenland.
  • GLOBAL CHALLENGES: The research project should help reveal how the uniqueness of Greenland could help solve some of the world’s global challenges, such as the destruction of ecosystems and increasing pressure on food safety.
  • COLLABORATION: The research project should collaborate with the education system, public authorities, business and civil society to ensure that the research is activated into, and experienced as relevant to Greenlandic society.

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