Organization – University of Copenhagen

Photo: Henry Patton, Creative Commons License


Greenland Perspective is a multidisciplinary initiative with partners in several countries, and a secretariat located in two places: The Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen and Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland in Nuuk.

The initiative is organized in theme packages which explore a facets of Greenland seen from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Steering Committee

Greenland Perspective also has a Steering Committee consisting of rector at the University of Greenland, Tine Pars, Head of institute at the University of Greenland Gitte Trondheim, Dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Troels Østergaard Sørensen and Dean at the Faculty of Science John Renner Hansen.

The Steering Committees task is to make sure, that Greenland Perspective follows up on the strategic goals of the partner universities, and that it develops according to the plans.

Strategic Partners

In Greenland Perspective we collaborate with a wide range of researchers and representatives from industry, authorities and NGO's. The degree of collaboration varies depending on the project. We have also established a number of strategic partnerships. The purpose of the strategic partnerships is to strengthen the collaboration between Greenland Perspective and the partner through a long term collaboration which may lead to joint research projects and common efforts to contribute to the exploration of the special characteristics of Greenland.

Reference persons

In order to make sure that the projects started by Greenland Perspective are relevant to the Greenlandic society we strive to have a continuous dialogue with stakeholders in Greenland such as representatives from the Greenlandic authorities, NGO's and industrial organizations such as the Greenlandic Business Association and Greenland Business.