How to join – and why you should

As a researcher, participating in the Greenland Perspective initiative is a way to:

- Expose and activate research into society: Researchers participating in the Greenland Perspective theme packages do their own independent research and publish their own peer reviewed articles. But they also get a chance to feed this research into a multi-disciplinary context which is “peer reviewed” by the Greenlandic and international society.

Today, a lot of interesting and highly relevant research on Greenland is done, but often the results are not fed into the Greenlandic or international society. By assembling interesting research of high quality in theme packages as a basis for synthesis reports, we hope to be able to see new patterns and possibilities and to activate research into the Greenlandic society. It is a way of creating new synergies between research areas – but each researcher can still focus on their own field of expertise. 

Greenland Perspective publishes synthesis reports on what we know about a certain theme, relevant to the development of Greenland. This is a way of communicating research to the public and by gathering many different types of research projects into one, easily accessible synthesis, we aim to show how research in a seemingly narrow field can be of use to a whole society. Along the process we collaborate with industry and we involve relevant partners in the Greenlandic society (municipalities, organizations etc) in our theme packages.

- Collaborate with new types of partners: Participating in the Greenland Perspective initiative can be a way of meeting new types of partners from other research disciplines or other branches and parts of society. As the projects move along, you will be able to see a list of participants and their specific projects under the description of the theme packages. 

Ways to participate

It is possible to join the initiative in a number of ways:

Taking up the role as PI for a theme package: The Greenland Perspective initiative consists of a number of theme packages, exploring a theme from different angles. Our first two theme packages are called Green Land and Nation Building. If you have an idea for a theme package and wish to lead the work, please contact the secretariat. Being a PI for a theme package, you will be leading the work of defining the theme package, involving the right partners and writing the synthesis report. You will do this in collaboration with the secretariat.

Leading a research project under a theme package: Your research-group might consist of yourself, or it might be a bigger group of researchers – it might be an existing project or you might use the Greenland Perspective initiative as a platform for creating a new research group. Either way, you can participate in a theme package as a project-PI.

As a project PI you make sure, that other researchers and partners in the project are involved and updated on the project, and you are responsible for creating a summary of your research to be used in the final synthesis.

Participating in a project: You can also be a project participant under a small or larger research group.