4 October 2016

Informally Aquired Skills in the Arctic


How can young Greenlanders’ informal skills be activated and acknowledged better than they are today? This urgent question is at the center of a project on human capacity building in the Arctic funded by the Dr. Frederik Paulsen Foundation.

Some Arctic societies have experienced improved living conditions due to increased industrialisation. But a too large number of people in the Arctic have little or no formal education, decoupling them from development. This is a great loss of value for society and a personal tragedy for the individual.

Many people with no formal education do, however, have a high level of skills relevant for new industrial actors on the local level as well as in the regional Arctic context. The "Informally acquired skills" project is therefore asking: How can these informal skills be activated, acknowledged and utilised?

Analysis, partnerships and new ideas

The ultimate goal is to generate a comprehensive analysis, to create new partnerships and generate ideas for how the many skills held by those with little or no formal education in Arctic communities can be activated for improving the living conditions and personal well-being of the Arctic populations. Results obtained by focusing specifically on Greenland will be applicable in other Arctic communities as well.

The project is made possible by a generous donation from The Dr. Frederik Paulsen Foundation.