3 January 2017

Oil as a Resource


Solid knowledge about where to look for oil on the vast Greenlandic West Coast is crucial if Greenland wants to create an oil industry. This is why the Greenlandic owned oil company NUNAOIL has started an industrial PhD in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen.

The goal of the project is to develop an analysis of the geological parameters needed in order to accumulate oil and gas within an area which goes from the Disco Bay area in the North to Cap Farewell in the South of Greenland. 

The area is 20 times the size of the Danish oil field in the North Sea. 

The knowledge is crucial for foreign companies who might have an interest in searching for oil and investing in a Greenlandic oil industry. Precise information about where to drill in order to have the best chances of actually finding oil improves the chance of attracting investors to Greenland. 

The PhD candidate, Thomas Varming, will be working for NUNAOIL throughout the period and will also spent time at the University of Copenhagen where he is enrolled.