3 January 2017

Soapstone as a local resource


This projects aims to take research out of its ivory tower and to make it accessible for the local community. The project focuses on soapstone as a local, but somewhat forgotten, resource in Greenland. We ask the question: Could soapstone become more valuable to the local community in the future?

We wish to follow up on an increasing demand from citizens for projects that explain how international science can be applied in practice for their benefit. For centuries both local and international scientists have come to the Nuuk area to investigate its geology. The area holds a large amount of potentially interesting sites for small-scale-mining, as a source for carving stones, for geotourism and local rock collectors, and for archaeological investigations; and locals are very interested in these sites. 

The project wishes to show local stakeholders like carvers, rock collectors, sellers and producers of home-made jewelry the potential of soapstone for setting up a side activity that might be financially beneficial, and where to find such rocks in the vicinity of Nuuk.

The project aims at strengthening the bond between local stakeholders and scientists by organizing two citizen science events in and around Nuuk in 2016 and 2017. These two citizen science events will be supplemented with brochures and articles in new papers and popular science magazines in order to reach a broader public (people outside of Nuuk and Copenhagen) and as reference for future use.