From the ice

In the sub theme “from the ice”, we investigate the geological, biological and economic potential of products from the ice. 

Every summer a massive amount of ice is melting from the surface of the Greenlandic ice sheet. Glaciers send of millions of tons of icebergs into the ocean where they slowly melt. The melting glaciers and the ice sheet both contribute with very large amounts of water to the oceans of the world.

The melting water contains a powerful potential

At the same time the steam from the oceans turns into snow falling on the Greenlandic ice sheet. Through thousands of years there has been a balance between the amount of snow falling and the amount of ice floating towards the ocean or melting at the edge of the ice sheet. The amount of ice has always been stable. But since the year 2000 the production of icebergs and melting water has rapidly increased. The ice sheet now loses hundreds of cubic kilometers of ice every year and thus contributes significantly to a  rise of the sea level of more than 3 milimeters per year.

This is a global problem. But the movement of the ice – made by man or by nature – can also give access to a lot of resources.