The themes of Greenland Perspective

The Greenland Perspective initiative consists of a number of theme packages. Each package examines, evaluates, investigates and develops a theme from a number of angles, using research from several disciplines and including partners from business, civil society and authorities in developing the theme package and its different sub-projects.

Ilisimatusarfik is a core collaborator in the initiative

 At the moment, two theme packages are under development: Green Land and Nation Innovation. 

Involvement of many aspects of society
By approaching the themes in a multidisciplinary manner, a holistic description of the themes are ensured. By including business representatives, authorities and organizations in describing the challenges and analyzing the solutions, we ensure that our research results are relevant to society – and that new ideas of themes are brought to the researchers from the outside world.

The result of the theme packages will be multiple: Production of scientific and popular articles, synthesis reports describing the themes from various perspectives and new business projects in collaboration between research and industry. 

Green Land

This theme package explores the unique natural ressources of Greenland to create business and solve nation wide and international problems.

Nation Innovation

The sun

The theme package explores the characteristics of the Greenlandic nation and whether some of these special features could become the basis of a new development.