31 October 2018

New Horizons: The Future of Greenland Perspective


These days Greenland Perspective is going through changes. As has long been our vision Greenland Perspective is moving to Greenland to fully integrate in society and act on a local scale.

Approximately a year ago we established our office at Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland in Nuuk to better integrate our work in the Greenlandic society and interact locally in Greenland. Many things have happened over the past year.

We have established a network for agricultural research in Greenland (GRAIN – the Greenland Agriculture Initiative), and are working on a report to be published sometime in 2019.
We have been involved in a broad survey on the population of Greenland’s view on society, climate, politics, economy etc. called the Greenlandic Perspectives Survey, and hope to present results late 2018 and mid-2019We are also involved in setting up a conference on the history, present state and future of the EU-Greenland-relationship in Nuuk October 15-16 2018 – and we have plans for a scientific conference in Nuuk in December 2019.
We are lucky to be able to share office with the Qimmeq (Greenlandic Sled dog) research team, and our Greenland Perspective Professor at Ilisimatusarfik, Morten Melgaard, have contributed to the organization of getting an area of Greenland with ancient and current Inuit hunting traditions onto the UNESCO World Heritage site. And, we are currently working with projects, that hopefully will contribute to a better understanding of some of the mechanics currently affecting of the Greenlandic society.
We will continue to build bridges between institutions, authorities and society locally, nationally and internationally all with the aim of activating science into the Greenlandic society.

The office in Greenland is led by our new Project Manager, Allan Peter Olsen (see photo), who has been with us since the establishment of the Nuuk office. We are excited to have Allan with us.

Meanwhile, in our Copenhagen office, we have said goodbye to Rebekka Knudsen, our incredible Project Manager in Denmark. We thank Rebekka for having been the reliable rock and heart of Greenland Perspective since our founding. Rebekka has developed projects, raised funds and supported Greenland Perspective and without her, we would not be where we are today.

One of the main tasks for Allan in Nuuk is to develop Greenland Perspective for a future anchored in Greenland. We will retain our vision of integrating research and society to contribute to the Greenlandic society in various ways, but there remains a lot of practicalities to be solved, including moving and integrating our communication platform to a new setting. Stay with us here an on Ilisimatusarfik’s website and on Twitter.

The Greenland Perspective Team