6 April 2018

Second seminar in the Greenlandic Food Cluster

Arctic food

The Greenlandic Food Cluster is meeting again to discuss the future and possibilities of the Greenlandic food industry in a seminar with the headline ’Our Produce, Our vision, Our Future’.

The Greenlandic Food Cluster is up and running. On April 10th the participants of the food cluster will meet for the second time to a seminar with the title ’Our Produce, Our vision, Our Future’.  The seminar is opened by Icelandic food and biotechnology organization MATIS and is followed by talks by cluster expert Lars Albæk and the innovative chef Inunnguaq Hegelund. The Nuuk FoodFestival 2018 will also be discussed at the seminar.

The Food Cluster is a platform that connects business, authorities, research and organizations with the common aim to develop the Greenlandic food industry overall. The Food Cluster works on promoting entrepreneurship, creating jobs and connecting the food industry to tourism in Greenland.
The Greenlandic Food Cluster was established by Sermersooq Business Council in 2017 and consists of four working groups. Greenland Perspective is part of the steering committee for the Food Cluster.

The programme for the seminar is available in Danish and Greenlandic

Read more about our project ‘The Arctic as a Food Producing Region’ here.