11 April 2017

Oral presentation at EAGE 2017 in Paris


Greenland Perspective Ph. D. student Thomas Varming will be presenting his project at the 79th EAGE conference in Paris. Thomas works alongside the Greenlandic oil company NunaOil in his Business Ph.D. Thomas is mapping out the areas in Greenland, where there might be a high probability of finding oil.

As a part of the ongoing Ph.D. project Thomas Varming and supervisor, Professor Lars Stemmerik, have submitted an extended abstract for the 79th EAGE conference in Paris. The annual EAGE conference is one of the largest geoscience conferences in Europe with around 6.000 attendees and 1.000 technical presentations.

Photo: Thomas Varming

The abstract with the title “Seismic multi-attribute analysis of Palaeocene-Eocene deep-water sediments offshore southern West Greenland” has now been accepted for an oral presentation.

The abstract deals with one of the major aspects in hydrocarbon exploration in the West Greenland Shelf - finding appropriate reservoir sections in which hydrocarbons can be stored. The abstract reports the results from a study which exploits the use of advanced analysis of several seismic attributes in 3D seismic data to investigate the possibility to delineate sand bodies and investigate their distribution and nature of these.