3 March 2017

Greenland Label Food Conference


The conference ”The Greenland Label – Quality Food from the Arctic” takes place in Nuuk on March 22, 2017. The conference is organized by Greenland Perspective-partner Arctic Business Network and focuses on the increasing number of small scale, innovative food producers in Greenland. What are their possibilities for future development? The conference is open for stakeholders from the food-industry in Greenland.

The Arctic Business Network focuses on Greenlandic food production. At the conference ”The Greenland Label – Quality Food from the Arctic”, the network will explore the growing number of small scale innovative food producers who experiments and develop new, tasty and healthy food products from Arctic ingredients. 

The conference also looks at the opportunities for developing the food industry and a new report on better use of fish - "All onshore", made by the WestNordic Biopanel. 


READ THE PROGRAMME (in Greenlandic)

A large range of Greenlandic experts will give talks at the conference. Among the themes at the conference are greenlandic food culture and identity, business conditions, food security and hygiene as well as a discussion on the concept of a Greenlandic food innovation center. 

The conference will also host two workshops focusing on large scale and small scale prodution.