19 September 2017

Glacial Rock Flour covered on German TV show

A muddy future...

The German television show Weltspiegel is known for reporting on the situation of countries around the world. This week, Greenland and the Arctic was the target of their attention.

Melt water stream grey with glacial flour. Photo: ARD.

Melt water stream grey with glacial flour. Photo: ARD.

Minik Rosing hopes to add Glacial Rock Flour to the list of Greenlandic exported goods, which at the moment primarily consists of fish and foods from the sea. The flour being grinded from the rocks underneath the glaciers is extremely rich in nutrients. It is transported by melt water until it is finally deposited at the outlets of the streams. Here, it may be collected and exported to nations – mostly tropical- whose agricultural soil has been depleted of nutrients.

"Climate change is a fact and you have to look at it realistically - it has good and bad aspects, and here in Greenland, as in the world, we are part of nature, and when it changes, we have to make the most of it" says Minik Rosing, and continues: “Greenland has an unspoiled, almost infinite nature, has enormous amounts of fish in the sea - all things whose value is steadily increasing”. By turning the gaze towards hitherto unnoticed resources of the icy nation, Greenland may yet turn the tide and make a living off the processes constantly operating in rich nature, which is one thing the country possesses in abundance.

The TV program was aired on ARD and may be watched online here