6 March 2017

Arctic Food Session at Umeå Conference


The project "The Arctic as a food producing region" will have its own session at the ninth international conference on Arctic social sciences which takes place in Umeå in Sweden, June 2017. A range of new papers on the Arctic food situation in Norway, Greenland and Russia will be presented and discussed.

Food producers in Arctic regions are often faced with challenging environmental conditions, poor and/or costly infrastructure, limited entrepreneurial capacity, and long distances to export markets. Climate change is also creating additional uncertainties for commercial and subsistence food production systems.

Growing potatoes in the South of Greenland

In a dedicated session at ICASS - the international conference on Arctic social sciences - researchers will examine and discuss the status and potential development of various food production systems in the Arctic. The papers can address food production opportunities that may lead to sustained economic development for Arctic communities, initiatives that are being used to establish more sustainable local food systems, and the cultural and legal tensions that may exist when wildlife resources gain commercial value. 

ICASS takes place in Umeå in Sweden from 8-12 June 2017 and is organised by the International Arctic Social Sciences Association

Papers to be presented

The papers to be presented and discussed at the session represents several regions and a range of topics from development of Russian agriculture to marketing of the special features of Arctic products. The link between the papers obviously being the future opportunities of added value from food production in the Arctic: 

• Mapping the local food production system in Greenland (Rebekka Knudsen, Ellen Arnskjold, Arctic Business Network). From the Greenland Perspective initiative, researcher Janne Flora will also participate. 

• Opportunities for Arctic food production (Bjørg Helen Nøstvold, Ingrid Kvalvik, Rune Rødbotten, Hilde Halland, Sigridur Dalmansdottir, Eivind Uleberg)

• Why northern regions of Russia develop agriculture: Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area case study (Daria Sidorova)

• Marketing Arctic Food Quality (Eivind UlebergSigridur Dalmannsdottir, Hilde Halland, Bjørg Nøstvold, Rune Rødbotten, Ingrid Kvalvik)

• Food production and exports on the Arctic island operated society - Qaanaaq an example (Kåre Hendriksen)