23 March 2017

Arctic Food: Canadian Participant Workshop


The Canadian leg of the project ’The Arctic as a Food Producing Region’ has held a Permanent Participant workshop with the aim to plan and set requirements for case studies and discuss the management of the project.

David Natcher, The Principal Investigator for the Canadian leg of the project, presented the program design and planned research activities.
He explained that the Arctic Region produces a significant amount of food, but most of the products produced are exported to southern markets, keeping only 10 percent of food produced in the North.

Examining the value chains of these producers, through the project, will contribute towards understanding the trends currently taking place and help to identify existing gaps and barriers in northern food markets where opportunities might exist to recapture exported goods. 
Requirements were set for the case studies which included the need to have each region represented, and to include fisheries, terrestrial foods and agriculture projects

The consensus of the group was that they wanted to be able to review the outcomes of the value chain assessments and food inventory prior to choosing specific initiatives to support the project at the community level.

The focus of the workshop evolved to be how best to facilitate ongoing, regular, and meaningful feedback throughout the project life-cycle from Permanent Participants and what resources would be needed, namely a Steering Committee, that will guide the project and be assisted by a project collaborator. 

The participants in the workshop came from the organizations ICC, AAC, GCI and INAC.

Participants at the workshop.