23 September 2016

New strategic partner


Greenland Perspective joins forces with a new partner - Arctic Business Network - that shares our focus on investigating the pathway to growth and future job possibilities in Greenland.

The cooperation between a business network and the interdisciplinary research carried out by Greenland Perspective will help activate research into society and contribute to acquiring knowledge sustainable development in Greenland.

“We have different points of departure: A business network with a focus on economical development as well as capacity building in Greenland and a research intiative with a focus on exploring the characteristics of Greenland. By joining forces we hope to be able to develop joint projects which will make a concrete and positive difference in Greenland. We can draw from each other’s experiences and make research and business meet", says Rebekka Knudsen, project manager for Greenland Perspective.

“We will keep each other informed about our main areas of focus, trends and new development initiatives, which may be relevant to projects or could be used as input for analyses and reports. We hope that in the future the ABN-member companies and organizations are going to be interested in participating in studies and analyses with the goal of mapping out new Arctic opportunities", says Ellen Arnskjold, Arctic Business Network manager.

Follow updates about the partnership on both Greenland Perspective’s web page and the Arctic Business Network’s news blog.