28 July 2016

New book on raw materials and mining on the way


A new educational book for Greenlandic secondary school pupils is in the works. The book will focus on the societal, cultural and environmental effects of the mining industry.

In cooperation between Ilinniusiorfik (The Greenland publisher for teaching materials) and Greenland Perspective, historian Jens Heinrich is writing a book on societal, environmental, cultural and political aspects of the extraction of mineral resources in Greenland. The target group of the book will be secondary school pupils in Greenlandic schools. 

Based on background papers 

The book will be based on the report “To the benefit of Greenland” (2014) and its associated background papers. The background papers were written by scholars united in a joint committee between Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland, and the University of Copenhagen. The report and background papers were important contributions to the debate in Greenland and Denmark regarding the many complicated aspects of the extraction of mineral resources in Greenland.

Read more about the report and the background papers here. 

Important for pupils to learn about future industries 

Extraction of raw materials is considered an important pillar in the future Greenlandic economy. This makes it an important theme for Greenlandic pupils to learn about. The book will inform about the possible implications on the environment, society and culture. Another book about the geological aspects of raw materials is being written by GEUS.  

Mining is considered an important pillar of future Greenlandic industry. Photo: Minik Rosing

Jens Heinrich explains: 

- The extraction of raw materials is a complicated matter and there are many aspects to think about in the different phases of a mining project and even before a project begins. Mining projects can affect how society works, it has effects on the environment and even on culture. Society can gain from such projects but there can also be challenges. It is a very complex matter and it is important that the new generations understand this because of the possible impact on their future. They might be the ones who will experience Greenland as a mining industry - which is also the background of this book. 

The book is expected to land in the classrooms in 2017.