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21 December 2016

Greenland Perspective contributes to French encyclopedia on Greenland


An extensive encyclopedia on Greenlandic climate, ecology and society has been published by a group of researchers from several french universities. The book consists of contributions from over a hundred international authors. Greenland Perspective has also contributed with a chapter on Greenland's many opportunities.

Greenland has drawn a lot of interest in recent years because of its unique ressources and impact on global climate change. 

Greenland Perspective contributes to new encyclopedia on Greeland.

The book 'Le Groenland - climat, écologie, société' (Greenland - climate, ecology, society) explores past and present climate, fauna and flora, culture, society og and many other topics, making the book the first published encyclopedia on Greenlandic nature and society. 

In the Greenland Perspective contribution the vision of the initiative is presented: To analyze the special advantages of Greenland and develop ideas for Greenlandic business based on unique Greenlandic characteristics. 

The main idea behind the initiative is that Greenland is full of resources which could contribute to solving problems like food security, health problems and climate problems in other parts of the world – which would give Greenland a competition advantage compared to other countries. 

The book is expected to become available in English in 2017.