12 September 2016

GeoGalla 2016: Meet Greenland Perspective's research


Greenland Perspective participates in this year’s GeoGalla. Join us and learn about rock flour and bioturbation during the Cambrian explosion.

At this year’s GeoGalla there will be an opportunity to meet Sune Månsson and Tom Weber. Sune and Tom will be exhibiting their projects at the Section of Geobiology and Minerals and Greenland Perspective.

Post. Doc Tom Weber will be presenting a project about Greenlandic rock flour. Rock flour is made of rocks and stones that have been pulverised into fine ‘flour’ by the movements of the Greenlandic glaciers through thousands of years. Rock flour is rich in minerals and has a large surface area. These properties give rock flour a potential to revitalise depleted tropical soil.

There will be an opportunity to see and touch Greenlandic rock flour and to ask questions about the project.

Learn more about rock flour in the following video from Underground Channel, presented by Professor Andreas de Nedergaard, a partner in the project: 

Sune Månsson, graduate student, presents work from his Master’s thesis. The thesis is about bioturbation during the Cambrian Explosion, a period about 540-520 million years ago. During this period marine life developed rapidly and a lot of new species were formed. Bioturbation is the digging in the sediment done by plants or animals such as worms.  
Sune will be exhibiting column samples with water and sediment. The columns contain worms, which will dig in the sediment. Sune measures the sulphur content in these samples and compares them to control samples. He investigates thereby if bioturbation has an influence on the sulphur cycle.

Sune and Tais explain the project in the following video from Underground Channel. Note that the video is in Danish only. 

Tom and Sune exhibit between 6-7PM.