21 December 2016

Climate Change: What the North can do for the tropics


It's time for good news from the North. In a new TEDx talk professor Minik Rosing suggests a new way of looking at solutions to current global challenges.

"It's time for some good news from the Arctic, finally" said professor Minik Rosing at the 2016 TEDx Talk in Cannes, France. At the event Minik presented the global perspective of glacial rock dust from Greenland. 

The Arctic is often associated with the impacts of global climate change. It is the place in the world that heats the fastest and the ice is melting with an increasing speed.

"It's time for some good news from the Arctic, finally

Minik Rosing

But can we turn this into an oppourtunity? According to Minik Rosing, yes. The Arctic has a vast, untouched nature and in his TEDx Talk Minik suggests to use readily available ressources such as glacial rock dust to replenish tropical soils and thereby bring wealth and improve soil fertility in the poorest regions of the Earth. 

Listen to the TEDx Talk in the video below: 

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Category: Statistics, Marketing