6 October 2015

The human dimension breakout session in Reykjavik

Arctic Circle Assembly

Programme for "the human dimension" breakout session on informal skills in the Arctic. Venue: Harpa, Reykjavik, Saturday 17 October.

Greenland Perspective breakout session Saturday 17 October 15.30-18.30 @ Harpa, Reykjavík.

"A Greenland Perspective on the human dimension of capacity building in the Arctic"

Section 1: Local level analysis

15.30: Introduction speech by Dr. Frederik Paulsen, Ferring Pharmaceuticals:
The importance of the human dimension in the Arctic

Dr. Paulsen has a keen interest in the Arctic and his generous donation has made the human dimension project possible. 

15.40: Randi Mortensen, Department of Education, Culture, Research and Church, Government of Greenland:
Greenland’s educational and labor force challenges.

What are the challenges and what is the Government take on them?

16.00: Kuupik Vandersee Kleist, project manager at Greenland Perspective:
Cold facts and a burning platform - presentation of the publication "Everybody on board"

16.20: Independent counselor Gujo Thorsteinsson + Jimmy Hymøller and Palle Lennert, NUIKI Greenland:
How to ”catch” young Greenlanders with no formal education?

Both Gujo Thorsteinsson and NUIKI have thorough experience in educating young people in Greenland. How do they do it - and what are the challenges?

16.45: Espresso-workshop
Identifying three 100 dollar questions to address at session speakers. All questions will be kept and used for the purpose of a further analysis on informal skills.

Section 2: International examples and ideas

17.00: Fortescue Metals Group, Development Manager Damien Ardagh and General Manager Tony Swiericzuk:
The Fortescue-model – how does it work and why?

Australian mining company has invented an efficient way of introducing people without formal education to the labor market. Could this work in Greenland too?

17.25:Gudrun&Gudrun, Chairman of the Board Christian Nagata:
Cooperation and empowerment: Benefits of working with women knitting cooperatives in Jordan and Peru.

This faroese knitting company sells jumpers - but they are also upskilling women with no formal education. 

17.45: AECO – Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators, Office Manager Ilja Leo Lang: Working with local people in the tourism industry

Experiences with upskilling of people in Greenland through AECO. What has worked and what has not?

18.05: Espresso-workshop

Mapping exercise and input for a catalog of opportunities for people with informal skills.

18.25: Wrapping up