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27 October 2015

New voices of Greenland

New blog - new voices

The future possibilities of Greenland is up for debate in Danish newspaper Politiken. The paper's website has launched a blog, inspired by the Greenland Perspective initiative. The blog features ideas and comments by Greenlanders living in and outside Greenland.

Greenland is full of both human and natural resources - a story which too often is left untold in mainstream media.

The fishing industry is large in Greenland - but other industries will emerge

Think about some of the characteristics of Greenland: The cold climate, the vast ocean or the scarce population. All of these characteristics are often considered to be barriers for development. But they might as well be turned into advantages.

In a new blog - "Voices of Greenland" - published on the Danish newspaper Politiken's website (in danish) the goal is to describe and discuss the realistic and positive potential for Greenland's future development. Once a week a new article written by a Greenlandic author living in or outside Greenland will discuss the future possibilities for Greenland.

Take a look at the blog right here.

It is our hope that the blog will contribute to a more comprehensive picture of what the future holds for Greenland - and that it will contribute to introducing new Greenlandic voices to a Danish public.