Tourism potentials in Kangerlussuaq

Signe Kristine Falgaard Jensen, Lene Kristina Kieldsen and  Charlotte Siebrecht (2015): Tourism potentials in Kangerlussuaq - Strategic planning of a destination

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Greenland has been placed in the top 10 list of “Best in Travel” destinations in 2016 as number 9 by Lonely Planet. In this paper, the focus is on the Greenlandic settlement Kangerlussuaq. A problematic aspect for Kangerlussuaq is the lack of tourism and the existing seasonality. The project will identify reasons for the lack of development in Kangerlussuaq. The authors have conducted interviews to see how perceptions are formed, whether they are traceable, and how tourism could be attracted to the area using strategic planning. The interviews were conducted with Greenlandic business people who live in Greenland. The theories used are some of the newest studies within tourism, but also a few previous studies on tourism destination development. In the analysis the theories were applied using data from the interviews and further literature. We analysed what the unique selling points for Kangerlussuaq could be based on the data collected and discussed what is offered or could be offered to affect the future tourism development in Kangerlussuaq. The conclusion sums up our findings from the analysis and the discussion. Overall we found out that involvement of the local people and building a positive attitude towards tourism will benefit Kangerlussuaq. Lastly a structured tourism plan for Kangerlussuaq can increase tourism and the development of the settlement for the future.

Type: MSc project

University: Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University

Language: English