More than just an airport

Signe Nors Hansen, Rikke Karlsson and Nicoline Hoelgaard Jensen (2015): More than just an airport  

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Greenland has experienced a steady increase of tourists over the last couple of years, and it has promoted many great new tourism initiatives. This paper’s focus is on Kangerlussuaq, which is a small settlement, located at the end of the Sondrestrom Fjord in Western Greenland. It is known for its airport, as it is one out of two airports in Greenland that has the capacity to handle larger airplanes, and the airport welcomes around 80 percent of all tourists arriving in Greenland. Kangerlussuaq is a small settlement consisting of around 500 inhabitants, whom are all directly or indirectly dependent on the airport. The area around Kangerlussuaq is known for its significant wildlife and close proximity to the inland ice, and the area is also known to present great possibilities of enjoying the Northern Lights. Nevertheless, not many tourists coming to Greenland have Kangerlussuaq as their final destination, as the majority of the people arriving in Kangerlussuaq are there in transit to other destinations in Greenland.

The aim of this project is to map out the potentials for further development of tourism in the settlement and surrounding area of Kangerlussuaq, this is done through analysing different perceptions of the potential tourists and locals in the area. Moreover, this project reviews how Kangerlussuaq can use its potentials and thereby become a more desirable destination for tourists arriving in Greenland.

Type: MSc project

University:  Aalborg University

Language: English