The Greenland Perspective Thesis and Dissertation Library

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared. Therefore, we collaborate with alumni from a variety of universities and disciplines to offer you full text access to master's theses and PhD dissertations that explore aspects of Greenland covered by our theme packages: Green Land (GL) and Nation Innovation (NI). 

Most of them were submitted from 2010 onwards. While they all obtained a pass, information about specific marks is not available.

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Disclaimer: The titles of the theses projects and dissertations have been translated from Danish to English where appropriate by the authors of this website. Many of the theses are in Danish, but they all have English abstracts. 

Title Author
The impact of the Greenlandic discourse of identity on the Self Rule's foreign policy freedom of action - The potentials and paradoxes of the stories from 2009-2014 (2014)

Marc Jacobsen, 

Copenhagen Business School

Being the boundary. An anthropological analysis of national Identity amongst the young Greenlandic elite in Nuuk (2014)

Ursula Glismann,

University of Copenhagen

Barriers to the recruitment of Greenlandic labor in the Home Rule Administration - An examination of greenlandization in regard to the recruitment of labor to the Greenlandic Home Rule Administration (2008)

Ilja Leo Lang, University of Copenhagen

Integrating Greenland in the European Union. An analysis of how Greenland can maximize influence in supranational organizations as a territorial automomy (2015)

Karsten Peter Jensen, Ilisimatusarfik

At the foot of a radioactive mountain. An anthropological study of trust and mistrust in a Greenlandic village (2014) 

Helene Ahrens Johansen, University of Copenhagen

Work in progress - Mapping out the characteristics of the Greenlandic labour market as well as analyzing and discussing the challenges of the Greenlandic labour market in regard to potential large-scale projects (2014)

Jeppe Sørensen,

University of Copenhagen

The debate of Greenland's raw materials - A comparative discourse analysis from 1975-2012 (2013)

Nikoline Schriver, 

University of Copenhagen

GREAM - An overlapping generation model for the Greenlandic economy (2013)

Niels Christian Straarup Fredslund, 

University of Copenhagen

Raw materials and the future of the commonwealth of the Danish Realm - An analysis of the debate in Greenland and Denmark (2014) 

Anders Busck Holgersen and Nina Katrine Lave, University of Copenhagen

Understanding long-term unemployment. Fieldwork in a Greenlandic labour market department (2012) 

Nina Særkjær Olsen,

Aalborg University

The political disagreement - in the relationship between Denmark and Greenland (2015)

Bolette Kern, University of Copenhagen 

Power and Participation in Greenlandic Fisheries Governance: The becoming of problems, selves and others in the everyday politics of meaning  (2013)

Rikke Becker Jacobsen, Aalborg University

Youth and Urbanity in Greenland (2010) 

Jakub Christensen Medonos, 

University of Copenhagen

Tourism potentials in Kangerlussuaq - Strategic planning of a destination (2015) 

Signe Kristine Falgaard Jensen, Lene Kristina Kieldsen and  Charlotte Siebrecht, 

Aalborg University

More than just an airport (2015) 

Signe Nors Hansen, Rikke Karlsson and Nicoline Hoelgaard Jensen, 

Aalborg University

Betwen Raw Materials and Reindeers - An Etnography of a Technological Citizenship among mining students at the Greenlandic School of Minerals and Petroleum (2016)

Ida Marie Torp Neergaard,

University of Copenhagen

Is time for an evolutionary development? A critical actor-network inspired policy analysis of a challenged education system in Greenland (2015)

Kristen Gubi Glintborg,

Aarhus University

A Millennium of Changing Environments in the Godthåbsfjord, West Greenland - Bridging cultures of knowledge (2017)

Ann Eileen Lennert,
University of Tromsoe

The Peruvian experience of Chinese investments in the mining sector: What can Greenland learn? (2017)

Nick Bæk Heilmann,
Renmin University of China