New facts on the potential for tourism in Greenland

New facts and the future potential of the tourism industry in Greenland is on the agenda when researchers from the University of Aalborg present the results of an extensive mapping of stakeholders, operators and potentials.

The presentation will take place at a tourism symposium in Aalborg on March 14, 2017. Participation is free but sign up at chimirri(at)


Hiking on the ice-cap. Photo: Visit Greenland

In recent years, the Greenlandic tourism industry has been subject to an increasing interest from politicians and society at large. There is also a substantial potential and an increasing interest from international operators and tourists alike to visit Greenland. Strategies and initiatives have been launched - especially within cruise ship-tourism - and plans are developed to establish more transatlantic airports in order to attract the tourists.

But what does the tourism-landscape of Greenland actually look like like today? What are the facts and what might be the future of the Greenlandic tourism industry? 

Presentation of mapping and analysis 

Since 2016 researchers from The Tourism Research Unit at the University of Aalborg has done an extensive work to map the Greenlandic tourism industry and its potentials. 

On March 14 the researchers behind will present their results and participants will have the opportunity to discuss in a workshop following the presentations. 

A panel of tourism experts will discuss the potentials of development of the Greenlandic tourism business. 

The analysis was conducted from november 2016- february 2017 and has been supported by Center for Logistics and Cooperation (Center for Logistik og Samarbejde) and the port of Aalborg.