Greenland Perspective at the Arctic Circle Assembly

Once again, the Icelandic capital Reykjavík will be visited by people from around the world interested in the present and future status of the Arctic. This year, Minik Rosing will present some of the Danish views on the Arctic region during the plenary country session.

"New opportunities. Arctic science from research to practice". This is the title and main theme of the Danish contribution to the country session this year. During the session, ministers, researchers and industry representatives alike will have their say on the Arctic stage. The Danish country session is scheduled for the 14th of October, 9:40-10:25. 

Greenland Perspective is also represented through the session "Mind and body - population and wellbeing in Greenland" during which Tenna Jensen of the AgeArc project present some of their findings. This sessions is also on the 14th of October, between 8:00-9:00.

A guide to this year's Arctic Circle Assembly of interesting sessions compiled by Greenland Perspective can be found here.