SYMPOSIUM: Wide horizons

What will be the next interesting questions of sciencists? What do we see in the horizon? We attempt to give an answer on the 10th of February where The Natural History Museum of Denmark cordially invite you to a symposium and reception on the occasion of Minik Rosing’s 60th birthday. Join the symposium Wide Horizons and hear the bids from speakers such as Professor Norman Sleep from Stanford University, Professor Eske Willerslev, Professor Mikke Veldby Rasmussen or Director of Louisiana Poul Erik Tøjner. 

Please note that the symposium will be in English.


Moderator: Martin Lidegaard,

MP for the Danish Social-Liberal Party

2 pm

Why on Earth do we need aNatural History Museum? 

Museum Director, Professor Peter C. Kjærgaard,

Natural History Museum of Denmark

2.15 pm

The Immigration History of Greenland

Professor Eske Willerslev, Centre for Geogenetics,

Natural History Museum of Denmark

2.35 pm

White Horizons

Professor Jørgen Peder Steffensen, Center for Ice

and Climate, University of Copenhagen

2.55 pm

A Future for the Raw Material Industry? 

Managing Director Karen Hanghøj, EIT Raw Materials

(European Institute of Innovation and Technology)

3.15 pm

A 31-kilometre-wide Late Glacial Impact

Crater in Northwest Greenland

Professor Kurt Kjær, Centre for Geogenetics,

Natural History Museum of Denmark

3.35 pm

Video greeting

3.40 – 3.55 pm

Coffee break

3.55 pm

Source of Earth’s Late Veneer and

Information From Ancient Rocks

Professor Norman Sleep, Stanford University/NASA Astrobiology Institute

4.15 pm

Arctic Utopia and Dystopia

Professor Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen, Department of

Political Science, University of Copenhagen

4.35 pm

Dreams are the Touchstones of our Character –

Young People’s Dreams for Life at 60...

Professor Marie-Louise Bech Nosch, SAXO Institute,

University of Copenhagen 

4.55 pm

Qimmeq – The Greenlandic Sled Dog.A Greenland Perspective project on the go

Professor Morten Meldgaard, Natural History Museum

of Denmark/Ilisimatusarfik

5.20 pm

Freischwebende Intelligenz

Director Poul Erik Tøjner, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

5.40 pm

Hommage to an Amateur Eskimo

Writer, Journalist Tupaarnaq Rosing Olsen

& Professor Morten Meldgaard

5.45 pm

Concluding remarks – A Wider Horizon

MP Martin Lidegaard

6 – 7 pm