Soapstone - a forgotten resource

For centuries both local and international scientists have come to the Nuuk area to investigate its geology. The area holds a large amount of potentially interesting sites for small-scale-mining and also represent opportunities for geotourism and for archaeological investigations. 

In a  collaboration between GEUS Nuuk, Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland), GEUS Copenhagen and the cross-disciplinary research initiative Greenland Perspective  researchers are aiming to disseminate this knowledge to the local community.

Sailing in Nuup Kangerlua. Photo: Rebekka Knudsen

Partly inspired by the Canadian region Nunavut where a significant group of carvers uses soapstone figurines sold as “inuit art” to supplement their income, the project team believes that a similar line of products could be build up in the Nuuk area. Making knowledge on soapstone occurrences available is a first step in this direction.

On thursday the 19th of January 7-10 PM, a soapstone event will be held at Katuaq in Nuuk.

Researchers, the Greenlandic tourist organisation and the Greenlandic Business organization will be among the speakers. 

The event will be in Danish and Greenlandic. Participation is free. 

The program for the event can be download in the box to the right.