Qimmeq event

The number of sleddogs in Greenland is declining and so is the sleddog culture. 

The research project Qimmeq wishes to change this tendency. The project is doing it in collaboration with politicians, sledgeers and others who are interested in the Greenlandic sled dog and dog sled culture.

Wednesday, October 11th. 16-18, Qimmeq invite all interested citizens for a lecture, debates and a world premiere of two short films.

Come and hear about

  • Sled dog grass roots 22 recommendations for how to preserve and develop the sledding culture in the future
  • The thoughts and visions of politicians for the future of the sled dog
  • The research project Qimmeq, collecting knowledge about the sled dog and disseminates it to schools and citizens in Greenland and to the whole world
  • Experience the world premiere of two short films about two mushers' thoughts about the sled dog and the future

The meeting will include Naalakkersuisoq for Fisheries and Catch Karl Kristian Kruse; Head of Department Lone N. Møller; a representative of the Department of Business, Labor, Trade and Energy; Pipaluk Lykke Løgstrup from Arctic Nomads, as well as researchers and communicators from the Qimmeq project.

Startup on Facebook campaign

You can also meet the Qimmeq project's PhD student Manumina Lund Jensen, who studies the dog sled culture. On the same day as the Katuaq event, Manumina Lund Jensen launches her Facebook campaign "Qimmeq - YOUR story", inviting everyone in Greenland and Denmark to share their stories about the sled dog.