Arctic Imagination at the New York Public Library

This Thursday, the 21st of September, Professor of Geology at the Natural History Museum of Denmark Minik Rosing joins forces with the Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson at an "Arctic Imagination" event at the New York Public Library. 

For more information regarding the event, visit the Arctic Imagination webpage or the New York Public Library webpage.


The Arctic Imagination project is a brainstorm across the Atlantic Ocean about melting arctic ice and the increasing temperatures, in which artists exchange ideas and visions of the future of the globe. In only 100 years, the Arctic and the North Pole have been transformed from highly dangerous and mysterious peripheral areas into regions that need our protection and sense of responsibility. NYPL has joined forces with major libraries in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, and Nuuk this year for the project, and is proud to present artist Olafur Eliasson. The urgent tensions between humanity and Nature are ever-present in Eliasson’s work, whether in public installations such as The New York City Waterfalls and Ice Watch or in his Little Sun solar lamp project. He is joined by professor of geology Minik Rosing, whose research spans themes ranging from the consequences of the presence of life for planet Earth to the relations between arts and sciences.