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The idea behind Greenland Perspective

In 2013 the Committee for Greenlandic Mineral Resources to the Benefit of Society was established as a joint committee by the University of Greenland and the University of Copenhagen. The purpose of the committee was to produce a 360-degree analysis of the opportunities, possibilities and barriers for Greenland when extracting raw materials from the underground. 

14 experts from a variety of disciplines were asked to produce a number of background papers on the matter and in the beginning of 2014 a synthesis of these background papers was published

A need for diversification 

The report from the Committee concluded that a stable economy and societal development could not be based solely on raw material extraction and that there is a need to build a more diversified Greenlandic industry. 

The question however is: How and what could be the basis of such a diversification. 

The idea of Greenland Perspective was born: A multidisciplinary initiative with the puropose of investigating the future possibilities of a diversified Greenlandic industry based on activiation of research into the Greenlandic society. 

Work of the Committee for Greenlandic Mineral Resources to the Benefit of Society

On the following pages you can read more about the work of the committe, download the background papers and read the full report in English, Greenlandic and Danish.